Choosing to work with a professional fabrication team is a critical decision that many artists and designers make to achieve a size, scale, process, get help with project management and reach a new level of professional presentation. We understand artists because we are artists with decades of experience working with artists to realize their ideas into form. We have put together a helpful list of information to send us so that we can provide you with feedback that best matches your project needs. If you don't have info for all the items on the list, are without complete CAD files, the materials sourced or other critical details, we can consult with you at cost to help you crystalize your ideas. Consulting fees for generating a complete estimate begin at $300. 


Items to Send: The more information we have to put together your quote, the easier it is for you to have the information you need at hand to make decisions about the project. Working with us is a collaborative experience that relies on your creative input throughout the project.  We want you to have a positive experience and the results that best translate your ideas into form.

  • VISUAL REFERENCES: Whether you have a digital file, images or drawings you did by hand that help inform us of what you want this project to look like, send it our way. We can work with virtually anything and the more information we have helps us to provide you with a quote that fits your creative vision. If you have files all ready for fabrication, you can send us your files and we can provide you with a quote to machine out your project.

  • BUDGET: When you are requesting quotes from several fabricators it may seem like not outlining the budget you have for the project will help you get the best deal but it is not the most time efficient way to get the information you need to begin making decisions. Knowing the budget is critical for informing you of what is possible, what materials best suit the project, what processes are most cost efficient and if the level of complexity of the project can be altered to work within your project budget. If you do not have funding for your project and are contacting us to acquire an estimate for an application process, please be advised the consulting fee beginning at $300 will apply. All quotes require a significant amount of research and time on our part.

  • DIMENSIONS: Accurate dimensions of the project are needed to best inform you of the material, shipping and other costs effected by the dimensions of the project. Sometimes it is more cost efficient to fabricate the project in a lightweight material or in components or you have more material options because of the dimension. Dimensions impact many aspects of the project.

  • MATERIALS: Are there specific materials you have in mind for the project? Or are you not sure and need to know some of the options? We can let you know what process with work best with your material choice and help you make post-production decisions about finish and other important factors.

  • TIMELINE: When do you need this project completed by?

  • LOCATION: This is important information for assessing shipping, material choices, assembly engineering among many factors that are cost effective concerns for you to consider. We also offer installation services which can be quoted based on where the project needs to be installed or finding you an installation solution.

  • OTHER PROJECT DETAILS: Let us know any other important details surrounding your project. What are your project deadlines?

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email